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“Mother Earth” Wants This Bill

We at the Hotline are starting a series on the outrageous defenses that backers of the Schumer-Manchin tax and spendapoolza are making. (Yesterday, we reported that Dems are actually arguing this bill will make America more energy independent.)

But now Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims the wind, solar and electric subsidies of the bill will appease an “angry” Earth.

“Mother Earth gets angry from time to time, and this legislation will help us address all of that.”

We’ve always argued that environmentalism is the left’s pagan religion. As Rush Limbaugh used to say: They worship the created, not the Creator.

Marc Morano, the journalist who runs the Climate Depot website asks: “Will human sacrifices be next to appease the ‘angry’ Earth gods? Actually, this bill will create human sacrifice by imposing even more suffering from energy deprivation, supply chain issues, food shortages, inflation, debt, and bad science.”

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