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NYT (Finally) Discovers Pandemic Fraud

Can somebody suggest these NYT writers subscribe to the HOTLINE? We’ve only been saying this for 18 months:

“In the midst of the pandemic the government gave unemployment benefits to the incarcerated, the imaginary and the dead. It sent money to “farms” that turned out to be front yards. It paid people who were on the government’s “Do Not Pay List.” It gave loans to 342 people who said their name was “N/A.”

As the virus shuttered businesses and forced people out of work, the federal government sent a flood of relief money… That included $3.1 trillion that former President Donald J. Trump approved in 2020, followed by a $1.9 trillion package signed into law in 2021 by President Biden.

But those dollars came with few strings and minimal oversight. The result: one of the largest frauds in American history, with billions of dollars stolen by thousands of people, including at least one amateur who boasted of his criminal activity on YouTube.”

These Democrats in Congress have a lot of nerve raising taxes by another half trillion dollars – while they do absolutely nothing to stop the rampant fraud and waste in federal benefit programs.

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