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Nebraska Joins The School Choice Parade

Nebraska’s first-ever school choice bill passed the legislature yesterday and it is headed to the governor’s desk. He will sign it in the days ahead.

Here is the bill summary from the American Federation for Children:

      • The Opportunity Scholarship Act, LB753, creates a $100 million tax credit scholarship program
      • Students from lower-income families and with special needs are eligible for scholarships to attend private schools
      • Families with incomes below 300% of the federal Free Lunch rate will be eligible for a voucher equal to 75% of state per-pupil funding, roughly $9,200 per year.

Congratulations to lead sponsor Senator Lou Ann Linehan and Governor Pillen.

Instead of celebrating this victory for better education opportunities for children, here is the snide headline from the Associated Press:

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday that will channel public money to scholarships for private school tuition, despite critics who say the measure hurts public schools, benefits wealthy taxpayers and helps mostly parochial schools that can discriminate against LGBTQ+ students.
This is a new one for us: school choice hurts LGBTQ kids?

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