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New Study Shows Media Bias Is Worse than Ever

We’ve reported on the incredible shrinking trust that Americans have in major media sources, and a new study by The Economist Magazine helps explain why. The slant to the left in bias has gotten steadily worse. (This is ironic because The Economist itself has swayed to the wacko left – especially on climate change.)

The Economist examined floor speeches by Democrats and Republicans in Congress from 2009 to 2022. It found 428 phrases that reliably distinguish Democratic and GOP speeches, such as “unborn baby” versus “reproductive care” or “illegal alien” versus “undocumented immigrant.”

It then examined hundreds of thousands of news broadcasts, websites, and news stories, by the 26 most popular news sources and counted the times the stories adopted the terminology of the left, not the right.

It found that a Democratic slant has grown since Donald Trump took office in 2017, driven by big shifts at CNNMSNBCNew York Times, and Washington PostFox News, by contrast, has become more centrist since early 2021.

Is it any wonder that public trust in American media has plummeted as more and more people seek out alternative sources of information? Like, dare we say, the HOTLINE?

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