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New Trier High School Goes Super Woke

Many of our readers have probably heard of New Trier High School, on the North Shore of Chicago – a school that was once regarded as the top public college prep school in the country. New Trier is located in Winnetka/Kenilworth – one of the five wealthiest townships in the country. The families are almost exclusively white and high-income.

Our friends at a conservative group called New Trier Neighbors keep an eye on the woke craziness that pervades the school district and alerted us of the school’s latest diversity and equity agenda – which is now advising teachers on how to “Teach While White.”

“Teaching While White” and “Beyond Diversity” will feature a discussion of “why being “colorblind” is not a solution,” the school administrators are telling parents and teachers. Apparently, now being “colorblind” is racist. Meanwhile, test scores are falling and the school’s reputation for academic excellence keeps falling.

If there were ever an example of mindless rich white liberal guilt, here it is in, well, living color.

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