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State Of The Union Preview: Liar. Liar, Pants On Fire

We expect six big lies in tonight’s speech:

      1. Biden has reduced the budget deficit by $1.4 trillion.
        Reality: He has recorded two of the largest deficits in history.
      2. Biden inherited an economy in freefall.
        Reality: The economy expanded by nearly 20% in the last six months of the Trump Administration.
      3. Inflation was high when Biden entered office.
        Reality: inflation rate was 1.4% when Biden entered office and he ran it up to 9%
      4. Biden has brought down gas prices.
        Reality: The gas price was $2.59 a gallon under Trump, hit $5 in the Summer, and is now $3.49 a gallon.
      5. Biden is doing all he can to secure the border.
        Reality: There were 2.2 million illegal border crossings in 2022 shattering the all-time record.
      6. Biden is increasing domestic oil and gas production.
        Reality: If Trump’s energy policies were in place we would be producing 2 million more barrels a day.

Read the whole debunking of Biden’s economic myths in Steve Moore’s latest NY Post column:

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