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New York City Democrats Want Biden To Declare an Illegal Immigration “State of Emergency”

How’s this for a man bites dog story:

For decades, Democratic pols in blue cities have been declared “sanctuary cities” to protect illegal migrants from being deported by immigration authorities.

But none of them probably imagined the havoc and chaos created by Biden’s border enforcement policy – or lack thereof. Since taking office, Biden has officially released 2,020,522 illegal aliens into the U.S., and an additional 1.3 million “known getaways” are residing in the country.

New York City officials say their city is at a “breaking point” after 90,000 illegals arrived since this spring. A total of 54 NYC Democratic elected officials have written Biden asking him to declare a state of emergency because “the influx of migrants is so great that the city is running out of resources….the current unstructured state of immigration policy and response needs to end.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has ordered flyers to be distributed at the southern border warning border crossers to “consider another city” besides the Big Apple. “There is no guarantee we will be able to provide shelter and services to new arrivals,” the flyers warn and Adams himself has given asylum seekers already in the city a 60-day notice they will have to find other housing.

One irony of these fiscal and social problems in NYC exacerbated by the arrival of these illegal migrants is that New York is a city of some eight million people. So the illegal immigration population as a share of the city’s overall population isn’t much different than the average around the country. Yet now it’s the sanctuary city advocates who are shouting enough is enough.

The villain here is NOT the poor migrants – most of whom are seeking a better life. The villain is Joe Biden who has installed the most inhumane immigration policy in modern times.

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