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Meet Fauci’s Replacement: Alabama’s Leading Covidian Crackpot

Why is the Biden administration so intent on staffing key health policy positions with people who got everything about COVID wrong and never admitted it?

Recall that North Carolina lockdown artist Mandy Cohen has taken over for Rochelle Walensky at CDC. Yesterday, the new NIAID director was named to take over for Fauci. It’s Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo of UAB, who was Alabama’s leading TV COVID panic merchant.

Marrazzo has almost an unblemished record of being wrong on every issue related to COVID.

She was pro-lockdowns and warned about the “collateral damage” not of closing schools but of opening them.

In November 2020 – long after everyone knew better – Marrazzo claimed COVID has a 10% mortality rate. At least 20 times higher than the actual rate!

In August 2021, Marrazzo dramatically overstated mask efficacy based on a paper she authored that found mask mandates in healthcare settings reduced… unmasked encounters.

And of course, she was part of the “don’t approve the vaccine before election day” anti-Trump cabal. Then after the election was decided, she was suddenly madly pro-vaccine distribution.

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