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Nigel Farage Took Down The EU, Now He’s Taking On The Big Green Movement In Britain

Farage is the father of the 2016 Brexit referendum that took Britain out of the European Union is launching what he hopes will be a sequel: a public vote to abandon Britain’s $1.3 trillion “Net Zero” effort to eliminate carbon from the economy by 2050.

Farage’s Britain Means Business movement says the political class has taken the country down a “ruinous path” by committing to the Net Zero target without any public debate. He warns:  “If we are not careful, the only zero will be the amount in people’s bank accounts as we send our jobs and money overseas.”

Farage held a news conference this week calling for an alternative: stop Britain’s fracking moratorium and limit the seemingly endless subsidies the nation’s wind and solar power industry receive. He was joined by Graham Stringer, a prominent Labor Party MP.

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