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Washington Post Blast Peaceful Truck Protesters – While Praising The BLM Rioters

For the last two weeks a convoy of hundreds of truckers from around the country have been circling the beltway with American flags hooked to the back of trucks and vans. They are protesting remaining Covid regulations. It has been not just “mostly peaceful,” as the left hilariously called the Black Lives Matter riots, but ENTIRELY peaceful.

That didn’t stop the Washington Post from ridiculing these blue collar workers and the thousands of Washingtonians who cheered them on. Here is what the Post wrote about these supposed radicals that have “besieged D.C.” (We have added emphasis below):

“Even as the protesters circle the Beltway and clog other commuter arteries (sic), the covid-19 measures to which they object are rapidly receding as the virus itself wanes in the United States, AT LEAST FOR NOW. The SO-CALLED People’s Convoy has chosen to express its indignation at precisely the moment that the nation’s collective efforts and sacrifices in fighting covid-19 — the very efforts and sacrifices they find so onerous — ARE PAYING OFF.”

What is astounding and dismaying about this editorial is the Post editorial board STILL maintains that lockdowns, school shutdowns, mandatory masks were effective mitigation measures, when the overwhelming evidence from across countries and across states concludes just the opposite. (These are the people who say “follow the science.”)

The Post says there is “no logic to the protesters” complaints because the restrictions are ending, but then says approvingly that they may come back. The agenda of the truckers is precisely to make sure we never make these mistakes again – ever.

Here is the clincher that barely needs comment it is so deranged:

“Unlike, for instance, the protests arising from the 2020 murder of George Floyd, which accelerated a great national debate, the [trucker] agitators have caused people only to be late for the office or appointments.”

Does anyone know of any instances where these truckers burned down buildings, looted stores, crippled commerce in our cities for months while murdering scores of people including police officers?

The Scoundrels!

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