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No, Texas ISN’T Transitioning to Green Energy

There is almost nothing the New York Times won’t say or write to promote wind and solar power – the most taxpayer-subsidized and least efficient industry in the history of America.

So we weren’t surprised when we saw this goofy frontpage headline from the Times over the weekend:

We wonder how much the green groups paid to get that flattering advertisement.

It’s true that Texas gets some of its electric power from solar and wind power. But the idea that the state is moving away from fossil fuels, seemed far-fetched to us. After all, Texas has more oil than just about any place in the world other than Saudi Arabia.

Sure enough, we saw this far more believable headline from the very same day:

According to the story by The Center Square:

As Texas continued to lead the U.S. in job growth last month, the Texas upstream oil and natural gas industry added 6,900 jobs in May, the highest job growth reported in a single month in the 33 years the Texas Workforce Commission has reported the data.

“Texas remains a powerhouse of production and all sectors of our economy benefit from robust activity,” President of the Texas Oil & Gas Association Todd Staples said. “These numbers reported for May are the highest in decades. Despite a slowdown in rig count and concerns about the global economy, the world remains dependent on the tremendous resources produced every day by dedicated men and women in the oil patch.”

Does this sound like a state that is transitioning away from oil and gas production?

Looks to us that – to borrow a phrase from the Longhorn State – The New York Times is “all hat and no cattle.”

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