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Could School Choice Bill Pass in Blue Pennsylvania?

The Democrats seized control of Pennsylvania in the midterm elections, so this is an unlikely state for school choice to gain a foothold. This Fox Newsheadline holds out hope:

Everything is fluid right now, but here is what we are hearing, from various sources:

The PA legislature appears to be nearing the enactment of the state’s first ESA school choice measure, with support from Democratic Governor, Josh Shapiro.

Shapiro has vowed support for the “Lifeline Scholarships”, which are school vouchers for a small percentage of kids in the bottom 15% performing public schools.

We won’t get too euphoric here. The bill, if it passed, may end up helping less than 5,000 kids.

But it’s a foot in the door for school choice. It must be worth fighting for, because a Philadelphia Inquirer story reports: “PA public school advocates are furious at Gov. Josh Shapiro for supporting school choice vouchers.” A PennLive story says “the school vouchers law could be an “education ‘game changer.”

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