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Nothing Could Be Finer Than Near-Universal School Choice in North Carolina

We predicted back in January that 2023 would be the year of school choice – and it sure has been. The latest domino to drop is in North Carolina, Where Democratic Governor Roy Cooper has decided to let the GOP voucher bill become law.

Opportunity scholarships worth $176 million in private schools will now be available for the 2023-24 school year, increasing to $520 million by 2032.

CTUP’s sister group Unleash Prosperity Now ran a campaign to pressure Cooper into accepting the bill by comparing his opposition to George Wallace standing in front of the school doors in Alabama refusing to let black children attend better schools. In the end, he folded.

NC Households that make less than $55,000 will receive a full $7,400 scholarship, with $6,600 available for incomes up to $111,000 and $4,440 available for incomes up to $249,750. A scholarship of $3,330 would be available for incomes above that if there are sufficient funds.

North Carolina is the 16th state to enact a new or expanded school choice program this year and the first state to pass a universal choice program without a Republican trifecta. A special session in Texas is up next.

Here is the map of states that have been added to the column of offering school choice programs.

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