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The Madness of Mayor Kahn

We noted yesterday that British PM Rishi Sunak rebelled against Net Zero climate craziness.

But London Mayor Sadiq Kahn never got the memo. The United Nations is hosting hundreds of foreign leaders in New York this week to celebrate Climate Action Week. Kahn is the headliner as he celebrates his title of  “greenest mayor” his city — or perhaps any city — has ever had.

Khan has turned all of London into a Universal Light Emissions Zone, in which drivers of older vehicles are charged $15 a day to drive. He has vastly expanded the number of roads where motorists can only go 20 miles per hour.

That’s not all. Kahn is also the chair of C40, a global collective of 96 city mayors, which advocates extreme measures to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030.

Khan has also chaired a climate commission which Britain’s Daily Telegraphreports endorses such radical suggestions as “the abolition of private vehicles; the prohibition of meat and dairy consumption; the rationing of new items of clothing to three each per year; and the restriction of short-haul return flights to one every three years.”

The report has also proposed “slashing the use of steel and cement in construction and significantly increasing the proportion of buildings made from wood, disregarding the major restrictions this would place on attempts to solve the housing crisis by building more homes.”

Beware folks: this is the green movement’s idea of a modern Garden of Eden.

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