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Now Even the Left Admits Environmentalism Is a Religion

Having predicted environmental apocalypses for decades – only to be shown wrong – Earth Day adherents appear to be giving up on any interest in facts and going for pure faith.  Indeed, Time Magazine has just published an essay entitled: “The Case For Making Earth Day a Religious Holiday.”

The piece by New York environmental professors Paul Greenberg and Carl Safina calls “for a new approach to worship” in order to ward off “the extinction crisis, the toxic chemical crisis, the climate crisis, acidification of the seas, the plastics tsunami.”

Their “earth-reverent belief system”, would include a large number of “earth-focused ceremonial days serving as regular reminders of what we owe our home planet.”

We have a better idea. Let’s have a secular national “Progress Day”, recognizing how much technological and medical innovation has improved people’s lives, lengthened lifespans and led to dramatic improvements in the environment.

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