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Now, Finally, Even Democrats Against Mask Orders

In the last few days, Democratic governors have announced ends to their mask mandates (at various effective dates) in New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon, and New York – although New York is keeping the masks on kids indefinitely, an issue currently on appeal to the state’s highest court.

Massachusetts is expected to follow today – with even the hard-left Boston Globe editorializing that child masking should end:

Illinois’s governor may be dragged into a similar announcement by a recent court defeat that found his masking, vaccine, and quarantine orders illegal.

Even New York Times “data reporter” laid out a lengthy case for ending school masking:

In Virginia yesterday, the Democratic-controlled state Senate voted 29 to 9 for the governor’s proposal to give parents an opt out right from school masking – just days after many of those Democratic senators blasted the governor on this very issue.

So what the heck changed? Well on CNN they are actually shameless enough to say this:

But no new science has come out this week, and the evidence on masks has been clear from the beginning – the effects on transmission are negligible at best.

We suspect the only science that changed was the polling science – which showed that perpetual masking and COVID mandates has Democrats on track for a wipe put come November. And when word went out to the Democrats and their media allies, they immediately pivoted to the new marching orders.

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