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Now The Media Wants to Cancel Trump

Those who saw Trump’s outstanding Iowa victory speech on Monday night – he was actually magnanimous and humble – weren’t watching MSNBC or CNN because they never or only partially aired it.

Marco Rubio appeared on Maddow and rightly excoriated this decision:

“What’s really changed is not just the partisan tone of the coverage. But now this effort to say we’re not going to carry his speech, we’re not going to let you hear what he has to say. We will interpret it and we will put out the snippets that we want you to hear but we’ve made the decision to no longer carry it. This is exactly how state-run media is used by authoritarian governments. To delegitimize, to discredit, to basically make people believe there is no alternative but to regime and to their rule. And that’s destroying the media in this country. It’s why at this point no one believes anything they see or hear anymore.”


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