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Two-Thirds of America’s Elites Want to Ban Gas Cars and Gas Stoves; Half Think There Is too Much Freedom in America; And 80% Are for Biden

We just published a study entitled “Them Vs. U.S.” examining how America’s cultural elites (defined as at least one postgraduate degree, $150,000+ annual income, high-density urban residence, and Ivy Leaguer) are hopelessly out of touch with ordinary Americans. Pollster Scott Rasmussen did the research and the results were featured in a great column by Kim Strassel in today’s WSJ:

Here are some of the key jaw-dropping revelations from the survey:

    • Financial Well-being: Nearly three-quarters of the elites surveyed, 74%, believe they are better off now financially than they were when Joe Biden entered the White House. Only 20% of ordinary Americans feel the same way.

    • Individual Freedom: Elites are three times more likely than all Americans to say there is too much individual freedom in the country.

    • Climate Change: An astonishing 72% of the Elites – including 81% of the Elites who graduated from the top universities – favor banning gas cars. And majorities of elites would ban gas stoves, non-essential air travel, SUVs, and private air conditioning. That means no air travel with the kids to Disney World.

Oh, and about three-quarters of these cultural elites are Biden supporters. Surprised?

Read the full report here:

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