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Obamacare Is Now Costing Taxpayers $218 Billion a Year for Mostly Free Health Care

HOTLINE readers won’t be too shocked by this revelation, but everything we were told and sold about Obamacare turned out to be a big lie.

Here’s a striking chart from Paragon Health Institute on the occasion of Obamacare’s 14th anniversary.

It shows that the Biden-era increase in Obamacare enrollment has made the health plans essentially free for more than half of the recipients.  Under the Biden expansions of the program, taxpayers pay 100% of premiums for lower-income Americans.

Paragon explains:

As is increasingly clear, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is more a welfare program that transfers income than a health care program that benefits the middle class. According to CBO, federal subsidies—largely directly deposited into health insurers’ coffers —through the ACA totaled $218 billion in 2023…

In 2019, roughly 35 percent of people who selected a plan during open enrollment had income below 150 percent of the FPL. In 2024, this population accounted for 53 percent of enrollment.

Prior to ARPA, many people below 150 percent of FPL were unwilling to pay the $25 or less per month required to enroll in an ACA plan—a strong sign that they just don’t place much value on the coverage and that the main beneficiaries of the enhanced subsidies are health insurers.

The big insurance companies are making a fortune off these taxpayer subsidies, which now cost taxpayers over $20,000 per enrollee per year.

This is what the media and other Democrats are celebrating?

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