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The Not-So Golden State Just Recorded the Worst Job Growth of Any State

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom touts the continued health of his state’s tech industry as proof its economy is thriving.

But the rest of California’s economy is in the deep doldrums. New employment stats show its job growth slowed to only 0.87 percent last year – the worst rate in the nation and less than half the national rate. It’s the worst record in 30 years. Hit worst by the stagnation are the Blue-run cities of San Francisco (job loss of one percent) and Los Angeles, where job growth is a paltry 0.3 percent.

By contrast, Nevada and Florida’s growth rates were 3.4 percent with Texas just behind at 3.3 percent.

San Diego business columnist Jonathan Lansner warns the grim job news “should be a wake-up call to state leaders that…there’s plenty of lower-cost, high-quality competition that have proven to be viable options for bosses and workers.” If the last 30 years are any guide, the Golden State’s politicians will continue in a deep policy slumber while the state crumbles around them.

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