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Oh, For the Days When yhe Pope Was Catholic

As everyone knows the Vatican is filled with some of the world’s greatest climatologists, so when Pope Francis warns that the world is “collapsing and nearing the breaking point” because of climate change, we all need to listen up – especially when it is an Encyclical proclamation.

In the history of the Papacy, this may have been one of the most anti-Christian statements by a Pope ever. He has now officially fully embraced the pagan religion of climate change – which is at its core anti-human and anti-progress. It’s a direct contradiction to Pope John Paul II’s celebration of economic freedom and human ingenuity. People are the greatest resource, he declared.

This Pope has sided with the collectivists and the anti-western civilization progressives. It is the “limits to growth” orthodoxy of the green movement. But Francis doesn’t get it: the Western world’s economic advancement and our advanced “lifestyles” haven’t held back the poor countries or jeopardized civilization – we have made life on Earth profoundly better for everyone.

The Vatican – which alas has been infiltrated by leftists (what international institution hasn’t?) – seems to believe that the solution for the planet’s ills is for everyone to get poorer. That hardly seems to be very Christian to us.

If climate change is the existential threat that the Pope sermonizes that it is, we surely won’t reverse temperature warming trends or stop hurricanes through government actions or by surrendering more of our basic human rights to politicians. We will solve climate change the way humans have combated every problem since the days when human life on earth was nasty, brutish, and short. We will harness new-age technologies that will tame Mother Nature.

Thanks to the freedom agenda, deaths from natural disasters have fallen by 90% over the past 100 years. Has anyone in the Vatican told the Pope THAT?

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