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Washington State Carbon Tax Fiasco

Even some of our closest free-market friends have endorsed a carbon tax as the most efficient solution to reducing greenhouse gases. We are opposed for three reasons: 1) carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant; 2) the carbon tax will be added ON TOP of the regulatory attacks against fossil fuels, and 3) a new tax on energy will hurt the economy.

Now we have evidence of the impact of a carbon tax that comes from Washington State. It’s a story of false promises, deceit, and economic hardship.

We quote liberally from a fabulous story by The Center Square with added insights from the Washington Policy Center in hopes that lawmakers in other states don’t get similarly duped:

“In 2021, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the Climate Commitment Act to reduce carbon emissions in the state. This law required all businesses with emissions to purchase “emission allowances” from the state to allegedly offset their greenhouse gas emissions. These allowances are purchased during quarterly auctions hosted by the Department of Ecology.

Proponents denied that gas prices would rise more than 12 cents per gallon.

What happened was wildly different. Between January and April, prices in Washington jumped by 46 cents. On September 5, The Center Square reported an average price of $5.09 per gallon across the state, with some stations charging $5.89 a gallon for 87 Octane (regular) gasoline. (Only California has a higher price at the pump.)

This was way above the price the Department of Ecology promised consumers.

And they knew it.

The original claim they had published downplaying the effects of the carbon tax quietly vanished from the department’s website in May.

There are two lessons here. Carbon taxes will hurt consumers and drivers. Leftists will lie through their teeth to advance their green agenda.

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