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Oh, So NOW Biden Says He Wants To Investigate Stolen COVID Dollars

And then there is the OTHER fraud of the century under Biden: the hundreds of billions scammed from Covid relief programs.

For two years, we’ve been screaming about this too. When Steve Moore testified in front of a House panel last year about the $150 billion price tag of stolen money, Democrats on the panel arrogantly justified the theft by saying: “When you spend a lot of money really quickly as we did during Covid, there’s going to be a lot of fraud.”

But now – more than TWO YEARS into his presidency, the raid on tax dollars has become such a public relations catastrophe for Biden and Congress that FINALLY, the President has decided to act. He is to fraud prevention what Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was to putting criminals in jail.

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration announced a series of measures Thursday to track down and punish fraudsters who scammed billions of taxpayer dollars that were supposed to provide relief to Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden is pledging $1.6 billion to bolster law enforcement manpower and new programs that will be used to prosecute scammers, prevent fraud, and provide assistance to victims of identity theft.

“We want to not only capture them and get their funds, we want to send a signal to them that you can run, but you cannot hide,” said Gene Sperling, a Biden senior adviser who is overseeing the implementation of the COVID-relief plan.

What do you think? Should we laugh or cry? Talk about closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Here’s our prediction: this program will have as much success as Biden has had reducing carbon emissions.

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