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The Most Expensive Public Policy Flop In American History

This headline from the A.P. calls into question whether the nearly $100 billion the U.S. government has spent on climate change has made one iota of difference in reducing greenhouse gases:

NEW YORK (AP) — Communities around the world emitted more carbon dioxide in 2022 than in any other year on records dating to 1900, a result of air travel rebounding from the pandemic and more cities turning to coal as a low-cost source of power.

Emissions of the climate-warming gas that were caused by energy production grew 0.9% to reach 36.8 gigatons in 2022, the International Energy Agency reported Thursday. (The mass of one gigaton is equivalent to about 10,000 fully loaded aircraft carriers, according to NASA.)

Thursday’s report was described as disconcerting by climate scientists…”

“Disconcerting?” That’s putting it lightly. We are the furthest thing from being climate change alarmists, but when you spend $100 billion of taxpayer money and achieve ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – Biden and his green allies should be arrested for criminal fraud.

Where did all the money go? We can answer our own questions. Tens of billions of dollars have lined the pockets of leftwing environmental and social justice groups that have been emitting a lot of hot air but NO results.  Is this the greatest rip-off of American taxpayers in history?

We’ve shouted from the rafters 100 times that the U.S. is NOT the problem – China is. All we are accomplishing is knee-capping our own domestic energy industry while the rest of the world consumes more fossil fuels than ever before – but not produced in Texas or North Dakota but by Russia, Iran, and OPEC.

Now Biden’s budget calls for $500 billion MORE for climate change over the next decade. Talk about throwing good money after bad.

If Republicans are smart – a big IF – they will not appropriate one penny more for this epic public policy flop.

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