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One Million Americans Have Died Of Drug Overdoses Vs. Zero Deaths From Climate Change – Guess Where Biden Wants To Spend Money

A federal budget proposal is a reflection of a president’s values/priorities. So consider this:

According to the HHS, we’re getting close to one million Americans who have died of drug overdoses over the past 20 years, most of which are from the opioid crisis. These fatalities compare with roughly zero Americans who have died from climate change.

President Biden’s Budget document has 1/6th of a page (one short paragraph on page 30) on the “drug overdose epidemic,” followed by 6 pages on “the climate crisis.”

The same document mentions “climate” 187 times in its 158 pages compared to just 4 mentions of “opioid.” The Biden budget spends roughly five times more on climate change than ending the opioid crisis.

The left’s weird climate change obsession isn’t just a multi-hundred billion dollar waste of money; it is dangerous to our nation’s health and well-being.

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