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Oregon Governor Mandates Masks PERMANENTLY – But Doesn’t Wear Them Herself

Oregon has had one of the toughest pandemic lockdowns of any state. It’s health authorities only lifted its OUTDOOR mask mandate last week. Its indoor mask mandate is set to expire in February, but the state government is already preparing to replace it with a permanent mandate.

Dr. Paul Cieslak of the Oregon Health Authority tried to reassure weary state residents. “Permanent means indefinite. It doesn’t necessarily mean permanent,” he said. “We can repeal it as well.” Got that?

If you live in a blue state…beware. Many big thinkers on the left believe we should make pandemic restrictions an enduring part of daily life.

Here’s the delicious postscript to the story: the governor and her would-be Democratic successor were both sported partying maskless in Washington, DC.

And for that, they have been awarded our hypocrites of the week.

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