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One Wacko Biden Appointee Down For The Count… Who’s Next?

You read it first here last week and now it’s official: left-wing radical Saule Omarova will not be Comptroller of the Currency. She withdrew, with Biden absurdly claiming that she was “subjected to inappropriate personal attacks,” by which he means the widely circulated video of her saying crazy things.

As a reminder, she was the crazy Cornell Univ. professor who wants to get rid of the private banking, and financial services industry, while bankrupting the oil, gas, and coal industries. She was caught red handed being honest.

We predict next on the chopping block will be Biden’s Federal Communications Commission nominee Gigi Sohn. She’s a real gem too.

Fox Business reports:

“Sohn is an outspoken progressive on telecom issues and has been critical of news outlets she views as right-leaning, such as Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting, raising concerns of potential bias if she confirmed to help run the powerful agency… At issue is whether Sohn’s long public record on intellectual property [which she is contemptuous of], broadband pricing and net neutrality [which she supports] could present conflicts of interest given since FCC’s role on these matters.”

If she survives it would be sheer madness. A left-wing activist who repeatedly called Fox News “a threat to democracy” should not be at the FCC. Period.

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