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Politicians Cling To Their “Emergency” Powers

Nicola Sturgeon, who as first minister of Scotland wields significant power over local matters in Great Britain, has long been known as a “Lockdown Queen.”

In 2020, she banned any meeting of more than two households and almost imposed a law limiting all travel to a five-mile limit due to the number of people making “unneeded” shopping trips outside her “guidance.”

The pandemic is over for now but Sturgeon is trying to make many of her emergency powers permanent.

Among them: giving the government the power to close businesses and schools, to let prisoners out of jail early and force people back into home lockdowns.

Bruce Adamson, the commissioner for children in Scotland, says that parents’ rights would be limited by giving ministers the power to direct children to attend a “specified educational establishment.” The very OPPOSITE of school choice!

We’ve long warned that power is like a drug for politicians. Give them too much of it and they will require more to feed their addiction.

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