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President Biden routinely claims to have “created” millions of jobs.

But the government-imposed lockdowns during COVID effectively made it illegal for tens of millions of Americans to go to work, and that spiked job losses to unprecedented levels. People were simply returning to work after the government forced them to temporarily stay home. How is that “job creation”? If Joe really wants to count the reopening of businesses after forced closings as job creation, then it’s a hole below the water line for another talking point of his: that he has created more jobs than any other president.

By Biden’s logic, Donald Trump added an average of 1.4 million jobs per month after the initial lockdowns, while Biden has added an average of less than half a million jobs per month. Furthermore, given pre-pandemic employment rates, the economy is still missing at least 2 million jobs — hardly a strong recovery.

In fact,  Biden has presided over an unprecedented drop in labor productivity. Meanwhile, the jobs numbers that Biden has been bragging about show strong evidence of double counting, such as when a person has to get a second or even a third job to make ends meet. That has goosed the jobs numbers, but it doesn’t mean more people are employed.

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