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Progressives Declare War on Uber and Lyft

The ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft overcame a slew of local regulations blocking their business to become two of the most successful companies of the Internet Age while providing convenient mobility options for many millions of Americans every day.

Now progressives are trying to cripple the industry by imposing excessive minimum wage laws on them.

Take Minneapolis, the “woke” city that spurred the “Defund the Police” movement in 2020. Uber and Lyft just announced they are both leaving the area on May 1 after the Minneapolis city council imposed steep mandatory pay hikes for their drivers.

Mayor Jacob Frey, a Democrat, saw his veto overridden by left-wing allies of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. He now admits “We’ve got a lot of work to do” to prepare for a city without Uber or Lyft. Democratic Governor Tim Walz agrees – he vetoed similar legislation at the state level last year but can’t control his party’s radicals on the city council.

GOP State Rep. Pat Garofalo says he hopes riders make their anger known to state legislators because the departure of Uber and Lyft “jeopardizes the quality of life of our state, and limits the opportunity for people to get around.”

Meanwhile, New York is considering a killer $20-an-hour minimum for Uber and Lyft drivers and delivery drivers like Door Dash and GrubHub. Remember, these drivers can earn another $5 to $20 an hour more from tips from satisfied customers. For people who call themselves “progressives,” they sure hate progress.

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