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Quote of the Day: The Education Every Child Deserves and Few Receive

Throughout the land, we are witnessing an important resurgence in classical education.

Prudent parents should take the initiative to learn what the classical approach entails. They must, because the purveyors of traditional, unionized, bureaucratized, government-owned, monopoly schools do not recommend it. Many of them, in fact, despise this classical resurgence with a seething hatred as nearly every facet of the movement is disrupting the status quo.

By objective measurements of academic success, Liberty Common School in Fort Collins might be the state’s best public school.

Liberty Common is a classically-oriented, K-12 charter-public school that recently concluded its 25th-anniversary year. In every year of operation, its students have performed either at or near the top as determined by various metrics.

People ask me all the time to describe the innovative things we must be doing at Liberty to achieve consistently superior results. Our answer: There is virtually no innovation here. We’ve become quite wary of anything in public education cloaked as “innovative.”

The general notion there are astounding new insights on learning to which the greatest educators of antiquity were somehow oblivious is a dubious proposition at best.

Classical education starts with the natural-law premise that human nature does not change. It’s the same premise that undergirds America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution. It’s how we can assert as Americans that all men are created equal and are endowed by God with certain unalienable rights.

It is no coincidence America’s founders were classically educated. Eloquent poets of freedom, their words were informed by common knowledge using vocabulary of precise and potent meaning. Their careful phrases inspired a nation and mapped the longest sustained period of prosperity in the history of human civilization. These founding principles inspire American students today; at least, they should.

Former Colorado Congressman Bob Schaffer and now president of the Liberty Common School in Fort Collins, CO.

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