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Under Biden Oil and Gas Investment Down 80%

Joe Biden’s war on American energy is unfortunately working all too well.

Some of our readers have asked us why CTUP has taken such a lead role in fighting back against the ESG propaganda campaign.

The chart below from Texas Public Policy Foundation helps explain how the ESG movement is accomplishing one of its goals: to create a political climate so hostile to oil and gas production that investors are afraid to put capital into new oil and gas wells, refineries, pipelines, etc. In other words, ESG is evil because it has created a political risk premium in fossil fuel development.

As TPPF explains: “Private capital investments in North American oil and gas operations has diminished over the past several years despite the fact that global demand for oil and gas is rising. This anti-American and anti-capitalist ESG agenda is definitely playing a role in restricting our ability to produce more energy here…”

The U.S. and the rest of the world are still consuming record amounts of fossil fuels – it’s just that the energy isn’t coming from America. Dismantling American energy is a good way to dismantle our prosperity.

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