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Rep. Jim Jordan Is A Hero

One of the most positive results of Republicans winning control of the House is that Jim Jordan of Ohio is now the Judiciary Committee chairman. Jordan is a principled free-market conservative who will hold Biden administration appointees accountable.

We were thrilled by the news today that he has bypassed Ken Buck of Colorado in favor of Rep. Thomas Massie to chair the Administrative State, Regulatory Reform, and Antitrust Subcommittee. Massie is a libertarian-leaning free marketeer and member of the House Freedom Caucus who wants to rein in big government.

Buck, on the other hand, has been a major supporter of the Biden Justice Department’s witch hunt lawsuit against Google and other American firms. Last week he fired off a press release praising the Biden regulators for “deciding to crack down on Google’s digital advertisement monopoly. All Americans should support breaking up Google’s massive ad-tech monopoly.”

Our CTUP paper authored by Arthur Laffer exposed the phony arguments of the Biden regulators’ attack against Google can be accessed here:

The idea that any one firm could gain a monopoly on collecting advertising revenues in a 21st-century economy with tens of thousands of outlets for placing ads including newspapers, TV, radio, websites, search engines, podcasts, etc. strikes us fairly preposterous.

If Ken Buck wants to break up evil monopolies, we would suggest he start with the public schools.

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