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Will Congress Make Feds Show Up To Work?

This is one of the greatest scandals of all time. Many tens of thousands of federal employees have been getting a full-time paycheck from Uncle Sam (meaning all of us) without showing up for work for THREE years. They don’t call it Club Fed for nothing.

It’s not fair to say that they haven’t worked at all. We personally know some federal employees who have diligently worked four or five hours a day.

The Covid scare ended two and a half years ago and most private businesses have demanded their employees show up for work or find a new employer.

So now Congress will FINALLY vote to require federal employees to get back on the job. (This is In addition to finally voting on ending another travesty, the never-ending COVID national emergency.)

House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer’s bill would require all federal agencies to reinstitute their telework policies as they existed on December 31, 2019, with expanded remote work only for authorized projects.

Comer cleverly named this bill the “Stopping Home Office Work’s Unproductive Problems Act of 2023” or the “SHOW UP Act of 2023.”

The rest of America has been back to work for years now.  We will let you know if the Dems in Congress require Fed bureaucrats to go back to work.

Incidentally, it’s interesting that few people are even aware that federal workers aren’t on the job. Hmmm. Maybe we could cut the bureaucracy in half and nobody would notice.

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