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Republicans Can Win On The Election Reform Issue

Americans support election reform. Just not the election reforms that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are pushing through Congress.

Scott Rasmussen just completed a poll on election issues and here were four that are overwhelmingly popular with voters:

      • Term limits 81% support
      • All ballots counted by election day  82%
      • Voter ID requirements 82%
      • Clean voter rolls before each election 84%

Why don’t Republicans counter the Schumer bill with an alternative bill that has these four reforms to make sure that every legal vote counts?

And on the subject of election reform, Kudos to New York’s Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul who has called on her legislature to support term limits on all statewide elected officials. She says it’s a necessary step to restore trust in government and prevent the dynastic rule of someone like her predecessor, disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Amen. If any state needs fresh blood it is New York.

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