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Time For A Reagan Moment: Fire All Illegally Striking Teachers

Classes are canceled again in Chicago today, with the teachers union on strike until at least January 18. (The last “two week” closure lasted about a year.) Worse, now the teacher union virus has spread to Maryland, New Jersey, and San Francisco where unions are threatening a school lockdown similar to that in Chicago.

Chicago’s leftwing Democratic mayor, Lori Lightfoot complains correctly that the unions are “holding kids hostage.” Then why is she paying the ransom to the hostage takers?

Why doesn’t she call this a health and safety emergency and fire the striking teachers the way Reagan fired the air traffic controllers when they tried to shutdown airline travel in America? Get the schools open and bring in people who WILL teach the kids.

We reported yesterday that Arizona governor Doug Ducey has taken executive action to provide vouchers to parents in any Arizona school district that shuts down so that families can find alternative education opportunities.

Why doesn’t every governor in America sign on to that idea. Time to play hard ball with the evil empire of the teacher unions.

The anti-schoolers have really run out of excuses. We run through some of the devastating effects of school closures and their proven ineffectiveness at stopping COVID in a new op-ed at Fox News:

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