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School Choice Is Winning

We interrupt all the crappy news out of Washington to brighten everyone’s day as the first day of school approaches.

Yesterday Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed into law one of the most ambitious school choice bills in any state. The new law Earlier funds universal school choice so that EVERY parent in the state can give their children the best education possible. As the folks at the Arizona Freedom Caucus tell us: “It’s a huge victory for educational freedom and limited government.”

“Across the state the free market will now dictate where government dollars go, as those dollars follow the student, and parents are empowered to choose the educational environment best suited for their child’s success. This is a GREAT day for all Arizonans!”

Similar reforms have been introduced in at least seven other states using Arizona’s law as a template.

It’s a contest now between Arizona and Florida for which state is the school choice leader.

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