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Senate Candidate in California Wants a Federal Minimum Wage Equal to a $100,000 Annual Salary

This scene could easily be mistaken as a Saturday Night Live game show skit. But, sadly, this spectacle isn’t a spoof, rather the reality of Democrats running for US Senate in the land of fruits and nuts. They are in a continual bidding war on how they want to raise the federal minimum wage with the current bid at $50 an hour.

By the way, for a 40-hour-a-week full-time job, that’s the equivalent of a  $100,000 a year MINIMUM salary!

How high will the bidding go? Do we hear $60? How about $70 an hour for a Starbucks barista, a restaurant hostess, or a school crossing guard?

Our back-of-the-envelope calculation is that a $50 federal minimum wage would cause at least 10 to 20 million lower-wage and less-skilled Americans to lose their jobs. That will really help the poor.

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