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Senate Democrats Tell The SEC: Stop Strangling Our Businesses

Speaking of epiphanies, how about the 12 Senate Dems who are calling for LESS regulation at the Securities and Exchange Commission!

Politico reports that a dozen Senate Democrats – led by Jon Tester of Montana – are warning hyper-regulator Gary Gensler, Biden’s SEC chair, to slow down. The SEC’s 300-page regulation mandating a climate risk disclosure rule for companies could triple compliance costs for publicly traded companies — driving businesses out of the U.S.

“It is critical that, as the SEC moves through the rulemaking processes, there is adequate time to evaluate each individual rule,” the letter to Gensler noted. The senators complained of a “significant number of proposed rulemakings” at the SEC.

When even the climate-change fanatics and anti-business Senate Democrats are complaining about too much regulatory burden, you know things are way out of hand. What’s next? Kamala Harris declaring it is time we get control of our border?

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