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Senate To Slap Down Biden Mandate Today

In a massive rebuke to the administration, the Senate is expected to pass with bipartisan support Senator Mike Braun’s resolution to repeal the OSHA vaccine mandate and prohibit OSHA from ever issuing a substantially similar regulation.

Every Senate Republican is a cosponsor and so is Joe Manchin. Jon Tester signaled his support yesterday.

Things get more difficult in the House – where every Republican is a cosponsor of the bill spearheaded by Rep. Fred Keller of Pennsylvania.

But Republicans can’t get a floor vote without the cooperation of some Democrats through a “discharge petition” to overrule Pelosi. Not likely.

Still, the Senate vote will expose how unpopular the mandates are. Meanwhile, Biden’s mandate madness has suffered a string of legal setbacks in the courts, with not just the OSHA mandate but the CMS and contractor mandates enjoined nationally.

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