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So Embarrassing: Washington DC Back On Track To Be America’s Crime Capital

Speaking of congressional oversight, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is a promising intervention to return law and order to our nation’s capital. Here are some of the depressing statistics and anecdotes he cites:

Over the weekend, in broad daylight, a ride-share driver had his car stolen by a group of men brandishing rifles. City-wide, Washington is averaging a carjacking every day.

Homicides this year are already up 17%.

Earlier this week two 18-year-olds, fresh off a carjacking spree, fled to Capitol Hill, ran into two separate Capitol Police vehicles, and then tried to flee on foot.

So what is the D.C. City Council doing about the crime spree?

Last week, the Council overrode the mayor’s veto and enacted a law that shreds the maximum punishment for gun crimes. It eliminates almost all mandatory minimum sentences. It expands jury trials for misdemeanors – as a way to clog the court system.

And the Democrats want to make this incompetent and dangerous city a STATE?

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