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So Long T.R

We are not always big fans of Theodore Roosevelt’s policies – he was the original “progressive” – but now his statue has been evicted from New York City, which only shows how divorced from any knowledge of history the “woke” left has become.

Teddy banished to the Badlands.

This excerpt from an editorial from our friends at the New York Sun summarizes the lunacy and if you have time, it is well worth reading the whole thing:

When the statue was unveiled in 1940, a New York Times editorial applauded Roosevelt’s taking “his place in enduring bronze among the monuments of this city that he loved.” The Times predicted “few, passing the newly dedicated statue and noting the firm, up-tilted chin and the eyes fixed on a far distance, will doubt” TR “would have met present problems face-forward, with high courage and clear decision.”

Eighty years later, “present problems” have dictated a change of plans. The museum recently lumped the statue among other “powerful and hurtful symbols of systemic racism” subjected to scrutiny amid “the movement for racial justice that emerged after the murder of George Floyd.” Evicting Roosevelt is a symbol of “progress toward an inclusive and equitable community,” the museum claimed.

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