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The “New South” Is Crushing The Rusty Northeast

We’ve made many references to the mass migration out of blue states to red states with low taxes, less regulation, more freedom, fewer virus lockdowns, etc.

We prepared the following graphic with the latest Census data counts for regions covering the period April 2020 to June 2021. The south attracted nearly 800,000 new residents. Almost half a million came from the northeast.

We would caution that this analysis paints with broad strokes. Not all the southern states have good policies – for example, South Carolina has a high income tax. And not all the northeastern states are rotten – New Hampshire comes to mind. But what this does tell us that the snotty northeasterners and political class love to thumb their noses at the southerners as illiterate, unrefined, Bible-thumping, flag-waving racists. (Just ask Bette Midler or Joe Biden who thinks the south can’t run elections because it is run by Bull Connors.)

Uh huh. Then why are people voting with their feet to go there? This is turning into an East Germany versus West Germany dichotomy. And when the pols and media accuse the southern states of being racist, then explain why Hispanics and blacks in big numbers are moving TO the South, not from it.

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