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Speaking Of Inflation, Voters Blame Biden

Biden blames Putin, drug companies, big oil, Trump, and the global situation for high inflation. Too bad for him voters aren’t buying it.

A new poll conducted by our friends at Issues & Insights by the TIPP polling group asked 1,300 Americans who’s responsible for “causing the current inflation?”

A stunning 64% said Biden was “responsible,” choosing either “very” or “somewhat responsible” versus 25% answered “not very” or “not at all responsible.” Even 53% of Democrats say Biden is responsible for the surge in prices.

Most worrisome for the White House is that 53% of Democrats think he’s responsible for inflation, as opposed to 39% who think he’s mostly off the hook.

Issues & Insights concludes that almost all demographics “including blacks (61%), Hispanics (61%), men (68%), women (61%), along with every income group, every age group, and every education group, all felt Biden’s policies caused the current inflation mess.”

More bad news for Biden. The same poll also found two of three voters believe (rightly) that inflation contributes to inflation.

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