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Speaking Of Lockdowns, Canada’s Commission Hears Evidence They Weren’t Needed To Shut Down Freedom Convoy Truckers

Remember the brigade of truckers who were protesting COVID orders in Canada? In response, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assumed emergency powers to break up convoys of protestors against his draconian vaccine mandate policies.

The government assumed never-before-used powers to freeze the bank accounts of protesters, ban travel to protest sites, and force trucks to tow vehicles at the protests.

Now a commission has finished hearing more than 70 witnesses in an effort to determine if the government’s actions were legal. The last witness was Trudeau himself who when asked about the frustrations and worries of protesters: he replied, “It was clear that it wasn’t that they just wanted to be heard. They wanted to be obeyed.”

We at CTUP were never in favor of allowing protesters to block bridges and normal functioning commerce. But it turns out the border crossings were already cleared of protesters when three days later, Trudeau assumed the emergency powers.

Police agencies have testified to the commission that emergency powers weren’t necessary to end the protest. Senior government officials were shown to have harbored doubts. And Canada’s spy agency did not find the protests posed a threat to Canada’s security.

We have here yet another abuse of governmental power during the pandemic. We’re hoping that Canada’s commission gives Trudeau’s government a severe rap on the knuckles for its misuse of emergency law.

What we’ve said about the power grab in America is also true north of our border: NEVER AGAIN!

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