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There Is NO New COVID Pandemic

Here we go again.

Masks are reappearing everywhere. We’re told that hospitals are overflowing again. The flu is supposedly at a record high. Fauci is showing up again on Sunday news shows spreading more fear.

Here’s the reality.

First, COVID infections are very low, according to the latest New York Timestracker.

Second, flu season did arrive about 6 weeks earlier than is typical, but there is no indication that an earlier flu season will be more severe, and hospitalizations are still low in most areas.

How worried should we be about an early flu season? If you look at the dashed green line from the last time we had an early flu season (the swine flu year of 2009-2010) you’ll see the peak was unusually low and the rest of flu season that year was near zero.

Third, fears of RSV are overblown too. RSV peaked weeks ago.

These viruses compete for the same hosts, making the idea of a “tripledemic” highly dubious.

We’ve posted a deeper look at the data on the CTUP website:

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