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Sprawling Out Of The Cities

Speaking of big cities run by incompetent leftwing Democrats, people are moving out of them. Just as we have written that Americans are fleeing the blue states for red states, they are also abandoning in record numbers America’s 50 largest cities for the suburbs and even more so to the “exurbs” – the outer ring of towns outside the central city suburbs. Some two million residents left the 50 largest cities over the past decade – and this was BEFORE Covid. The 2021 numbers are going to be much worse.

A new report from the Urban Reform Institute by demographer Wendell Cox and others finds that: “virtually all the fastest growing 50 counties in the country are suburban, exurban, or within about two hours of urban centers.” Cox tells us they are leaving for areas where single family homes are affordable.

For decades sociologists and demographers have claimed that white Americans are fleeing cities like Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis and Memphis for racial reasons – to distance themselves from minority neighborhoods. But the study shows that now blacks and Hispanics are leaving the cities as well. This is what liberalism – high taxes, horrible schools, and out-of-control crime – has wrought.

If the political leaders running America’s great cities don’t turn things around, they will go the way of Detroit.

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