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Hard To Believe This Is Happening In America

The front page of the Los Angeles Times(!) this weekend has photos of what is now called “rail trash,” all along the tens of miles of tracks in L.A. Much of the trash is left behind from thieves who are stealing millions of dollars of cargo/merchandise from the trains and leaving empty boxes and other trash on the side of the tracks.

This isn’t a photo of an impoverished, overcrowded city like Mumbai, or Jakarta, or Mexico City. It is happening in the progressive town that used to be called the City of Angels. It is happening within shouting distance from Hollywood. It is happening in one of the bluest cities in one of the bluest states in America. None of the “woke” progressive political leaders or even community leaders do anything about it as the unsightly and smelly trash and debris piles higher.

Gee, we thought that Democrats were “green.” Perhaps they are too busy worrying about climate change to clean up the filth in their own backyard.

It reminds us of the P.J. O’Rourke line about liberals: “Everyone wants to save the planet, but no one wants to wash the dishes.”

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