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Steve Forbes Slams Biden’s Apple Lawsuit

CTUP co-founder Steve Forbes nails it:

The DOJ has already filed actions against Amazon, Google, and Meta platforms. This time they, along with 15 state attorneys general and Washington D.C., allege in a suit filed in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey that Apple’s policies hurt consumers and competitors…

Apple’s iPhone has just 57% of the U.S. smartphone market. Globally, it’s only about 20%. That’s hardly a monopoly. Android serves 41% of U.S. phone users, which clearly indicates that people who prefer not to use Apple’s devices are able to easily find an alternative product. Again, that does not fit the definition of a monopoly.

What the DOJ, politicized by President Joe Biden’s campaign strategy to “go after” Big Tech, fails to realize that people choose to use iPhones, or buy other Apple merchandise, simply because they like them.

Apple is one of America’s favorite companies. It doesn’t sell a lot of phones by forcing them on consumers, it simply makes a good product…

The intensely competitive tech market, where companies continually work to develop better products, services and technologies, is much more capable than the Biden administration of deciding Apple’s future. Keep the DOJ out of it.

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