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Steve Forbes to Javier Milei: Dollarize Now

Argentina’s free-market president Javier Milei has had a busy two months in office trying to dismantle the statist system he inherited. He had a setback last week when his omnibus reform bill that would privatize much of the economy got bogged down in Argentina’s Congress.

Steve Forbes, one of the co-founders of CTUP, has issued an open video letter to Milei. He argues that while Milei must continue to fight for his reforms, it’s time for him to step up the pace and deal a fatal blow against inflation by replacing the Argentine peso with the U.S. dollar.

“Milei must quickly reverse his decision to delay dollarization,” he says. “The arguments against replacing the peso with the dollar right away are utterly false.” He urges Milei to meet with CTUP fellow Steve Hanke and officials from Ecuador who together helped that country successfully adopt the dollar over 20 years ago and are eager to advise Argentina.

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